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Bali Immersion November 7 - 12, 2020

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bali immersion

This immersion has been consciously created for you.

From the moment you arrive, everything is taken care of. The food, the vibe, the experiences. All you need to do is relax and be present with the amazing culture.


With yourself, and like minded women


With space, brings the ability to heal and transform


Take the time you need to find your energy again.

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You Can Experience This For Yourself


From the moment you arrive, you'll feel the lightness in your body as you allow someone else to look after you for a change


Experience Balinese Massages and Spa treatments to help you truly relax.


Experience Naturopathic Yoga everyday and notice the transformation in your mind, body and immersion experience.


Take part in some retail therapy at one of Bali's greatest markets.


Taste the delights from the Balinese culture, as well as whole food Australian cuisine. There's something for everyone.


Experience a traditional Balinese blessing under a waterfall. This a the highlight of most people's immersion.


Take part in workshops on mindset, health and show up in your life as your best self so you can connect at a deeper level with those who you love the most.


Participate in an out of this world sound healing at the Pyramids of Chi. 

Come and Meet us.

Your Facilitators

Amy Mingin is a business coach, women’s health naturopath, yoga instructor, intuitive massage therapist, nutrition lecturer as well as a wife and mum to two kids. In recent years, she has melded the worlds of Naturopathy and Yoga together to create an online yoga platform for people who have specific health needs or lead a busy lifestyle and can’t access regular yoga classes. 

Naturopathic Yoga is unqiuely educational, focusing on science and the ‘why’ you’re doing certain yoga poses or breathing techniques and the benefits of each pose. Amy is so excited to share her unique style of yoga with you every morning while on immersion. Don’t worry if you’re not flexible or have an injury, Amy will modify poses to suit your needs, whatever they are. This is Amy's 8th immersion facilitating yoga and tranformational experiences on location internationally. 

Amy says: "Yoga practice daily helps to open up your heart and mind for the 1:1 and group coaching as well as accepting all the feelings that arise on immersion. Prepare yourself for deep healing and self discovery as you relax, unwind and heal your past 'self' to allow the new you to bloom".  

karlie mckeand

Karlie McKeand is a qualified Naturopath, wife and mother of two beautiful girls. She loves to work with females who are stressed, tired, burnout and depleted. 

She has a big interest in helping people with thyroid issues and hashimotos, stress and fatigue, gut health and with their hormonal health. Karlie is also trained in functional medicine, uses microscopic blood analysis and other testing methods to truly understand what is happening at a cellular level. Karlie’s biggest passion is working with clients underlying emotional blocks that cause stress in the body. She is trained in Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) and this allows her to really address the drivers of stress and help to change her clients lives. 

Karlie regularly hosts workshops, women’s self care groups, international retreats, online programs and has a busy clinic in Newcastle.  


Kellie says:

I was lucky to have experienced the rest revive restore retreat in Bali in November... that is EXACTLY what it was for me.. A truly amazing experience. Amy and Karlie showed such knowledge, compassion, support and understanding throughout the retreat. The yoga with Amy, their attention to detail and special little touches took the retreat to a whole other level. Bali and the Komune resort is the perfect setting and the way that each day was planned with the different activities made it such a transformational experience for me. The journey with Amy and Karlee and the other ladies of different ages and walks of life is beyond words and I feel blessed to share this experience with all of them, we met as strangers and left as friends with a very special connection. Thank you Amy and Karlie what you have created is awesomely beautiful.  

We Women.... feel if we focus on ourselves we are selfish but if you value yourself, it is time to invest in YOU, you are worth this time and effort, the potential to transform your life for YOU, your family and your business is mind blowing. If you look after you, everything gets better. It will be the best thing you ever do in your life and you are never to old and it is never to late.. put yourself and this retreat at the top of your to do list for 2020.. a new decade a new YOU.

The Finer Details

  • Location: Komune Beach Club and Resort, Keramas, Bali  
  • Komune Resort is a 5 star eco friendly resort with a mix of Balinese and Australian culture and cuisine. 
  • Located on the eastern coast of Bali, where the sun rises over the sea and you're well away from the busy parts such as Kuta.
  • Dates: Saturday 7th November 2020 - accommodation begins on 7th, immersion experience begins 8th and concludes at 6pm on Thursday 12th November.
  •  5 days will allow you to truly unwind and really experience the journey, but not to long away from family and work commitments.  


  • Three meals daily + non-alcoholic drinks 
  • Two x 1 Hour balinese massages in the resort spa 
  • Self discovery - finding your true self workshop
  • Forgiveness and letting go ritual
  • Journalling and goal setting workshop
  • Busting through self-sabotage workshop
  • Daily morning yoga classes 
  • Breathwork and ice bath experience
  • Daily meditations and guided visualisations including symbolic meaning interpretation
  • Cacao ceremony & ecstatic dance
  • Fire ceremony
  • Excursion to the top of the rice paddy terraces for lunch, instaworthy photos and swing into the jungle below!
  • Waterfall blessing - traditional Balinese blessing with a healer (where the locals go)
  • Sound healing at the world famous Pyramids of Chi
  • Retail therapy at one of Bali's most popular markets

*Flights and alcoholic drinks are not included*

*Transfers can be arranged on your behalf with the friendly Komune resort drivers*.

sebatu bali
komune bali

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